Gift Ideas For Your Growing Son

You will certainly need no reason to gift something to your son. However, your gifts can mean special to him. How old is he? Well, if he has just jumped into his teenager hood, then probably this is a good time to gift him something which will make him feel special. Be it his birthday, result day, admission to art school, playing the guitar at the first event, winning trophies at the school athletic championship or be it any occasion or festival, you certainly have a lot of reasons to gift him something special. Now if you are falling short of gift ideas, then here are some thoughtful ones which you may consider.

How fast is he growing and how tall is he? At this age, your son will definitely tend to grow in height and hence you can gift him a wooden ruler growth chart which will certainly be meaningful for him. This will give him motivation to grow taller and exercise well. Also, this will help him to gauge his increase in height periodically which will in fact keep him motivated and enthusiastic.

Besides wooden ruler growth chart, why not gift him a kit of energy and health drinks which will give him energy to exercise and study well?

If he is interested in painting, gift him a nice wall art or a portrait. You might also gift him an entire kit of painting materials like art paper of various qualities and colours and sizes, paint brush, pastels and crayons, colours, and other painting stuff.

You may gift him a handy and non high-tech camera. If he is interested in taking photography, then this will cheer him up. A small camera at his teenage will be pretty good as he can experiment with the snaps.

If he is into music and has passion and flair for playing guitar, then why not gift him a musical instrument? You might gift him a guitar, violin, piano, keypad, synthesizer, flute, drum set or anything in which he is interested in.

You can gift him a nice travel bag which will be useful for him while he is on vacation with you. He, being a teenager, will definitely want to have his own space and pack his own bags. So, let him pack his stuff on his own. This will make him feel that he is growing up.

Why not gift him a cycle? This will certainly mean special to him. He may not have the license to drive the car or bike, but he can always ride cycle to his school or other places.

You may also gift him a nice wrist watch or a sunshade which will make him feel that he is now a teenager.